bitLanders.com is a digital platform where users are rewarded for their content and social media leadership. Rewards are powered by the bitMiles technology, and can be exchanged in our shopping section for avatar accessories, gems and cash (credit on Paypal or Payza available at this time).

Each user on bitLanders is represented by an Avatar. Change your hair style, your skin color, your eyes... wear the latest trend or classic garbs, seasonal, themed and traditional dresses! On bitLanders your unique Avatar represents you while protecting your privacy and anonymity.


With bitLanders, you can express yourself in many ways. By writing blogs, you can build your following and earn hard cash rewards!

Choose a topic, write a blog about it ensuring its unicity on the web, submit it for review and climb the ladder!

By completing tasks and getting your blogs reviewed, you will gain Buzz Score. The higher your Buzz Score, the higher your rewards. Great, isn't it?

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